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Holton H378

Discount Holton H378 Intermediate French Horn. The H378 is made of yellow brass, which produces a higher tone color with more overtones for clearer projection It is capable of playing pianissimo staccato notes clearly and evenly Key of Bb/F double; .468" bore; 12-1/4" hand-hammered, yellow brass bell; large throat; .310 venturi of yellow brass; noiseless string action, short stroke with stainless steel springs; tapered hand-lapped rotors; nickel silver slides inside and out; Holton H378 lacquered brass finish. ... Learn more »

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Holton H180

Buy discount Holton H180 Farkas French Horn (Standard). Free-blowing horn with rich and Holton H180 resonant intonation Bell and branch are made of a special brass alloy for slightly darker tonal coloring Good projection ... Learn more »

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Best prices H189 HOLTON FRENCH HORN, MERKER. HOLTON H189 ... Learn more »

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Holton H279

Best Holton H279 Farkas Professional French Horn. H279 Screw Bell The Holton Farkas H179 and H279 Double French Horn are a free blowing horn with a rich, dark sound designed especially for the "big horn" artist The Farkas H179 F Horn has tapered tubing and the bell throat is larger for Holton H279 a bigger, darker, tone Tapered hand-lapped brass valve rotors Nickel silver finish ... Learn more »

Holton H279 Reviews: this horn was a huge asset to me as I started college and needed something better than a simple student model 1 ... Read more »

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Holton H280

Get The best price Holton H280 Farkas Series Screw Bell Double Horn (Standard). Same as the H180 with detachable bell Free-blowing horn with rich and resonant intonation Bell and branch are made of a special brass alloy for slightly darker tonal coloring Holton H280 ... Learn more »

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Holton H278

Buying cheap Holton H278 French Horn (Standard). Bright, compact feel and sound with outstanding tonal beauty Bell proportions provide a dark but singing tone with fine legato characteristics Holton H278 Yellow brass produces a higher tone color with more overtones and clearer projection ... Learn more »

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Holton H277

Top deals Holton H277 Professional Farkas French Horn (Standard). Holton H277 The versatile H277 offers a compact feel and bright sound It includes a hand-fitted rotary valve system, string linkage, separate Bb tuning slide, detachable bell, and a change lever designed to fit the thumb in a natural position Made of extremely corrosion-resistant nickel-silver. ... Learn more »

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Holton H200

Free shipping for Holton H200 Professional Descant French Horn (Standard). It requires no compromise of intonation on valve combination, as is the case with compensating designs The fifth valve is a Bb-F rotor The fourth valve is a muting valve that lowers Holton H200 the horn 3/4 step to bring stopped horn mutes into tune without intonation ... Learn more »

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Holton H179

Best prices Holton H179 Farkas Series Fixed Bell Double Horn. The Holton H179 Professional Farkas French Horn is regarded among working Holton H179 professionals and leading academics as the flagship of the Holton fleet It produces the truly centered tone sought by all players True temper makes it a delight to fly over even the most difficult passages Pitch: A445 with independent Bb tuning, Key: F / Bb ... Learn more »

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Holton H105

Top Guide Holton H105 Professional French Horn (Standard). The pursuit of perfection has yielded a new-generation French horn of superior performance Holton H105 and superb intonation The H105's technological and acoustical flexibility enables the artist to perform in a wide variety of playing situations Its 2 interchangeable mouthpipes with newly developed tapers make it easy to switch between work in small chamber ensembles and large symphony orchestras ... Learn more »

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Holton H379

Buy cheapest Holton H379 Intermediate French Horn. It has playing characteristics similar to the H179 Farkas, but a darker sound with a Holton H379 good center and projection Harder nickel silver material responds quickly and sounds brighter up close Hand-fitted rotary valves are manufactured to precise tolerances to provide quick and effortless response. ... Learn more »

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Buy cheapest HOLTON FRENCH HORN FARKAS,SILV. The Holton H279 Farkas Professional French Horn is the same as model H179, but with a detachable bell Farkas models are regarded among working professionals and HOLTON H279 leading academics as the flagships of the Holton fleet These French Horns produce the truly centered tone sought by all, and its true temper makes it a delight to fly over even the most difficult passages ... Learn more »

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Holton H276

Order online Holton Merker Matic Series Double French Horn (H276 Screw Bell). The Holton Merker-Matic Series Double French Horns were developed in cooperation with Horn legend Ether Merker The Holton Merker Series Horns feature Holton H276 a variety of bell designs for a variety of tonal sound and response plus heavyweight valve caps for added mass and resonance Design features such as its newly designed 4th branch, dual bore, and mouthpipe tapers lead professionals to claim an ease of blowing in all registers as well as an exceptionally quick response and a smooth, precise legato ... Learn more »

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Holton H181

Get The best deal Holton H181 Professional Farkas French Horn. H181 Fixed Bell The Holton Farkas H181 / H281 Double French Horn features a rose brass bell that produces a Holton H181 darker sound Capable of a wide range of dynamics, it can be played loud without a brassy edge to the sound ... Learn more »

Holton H181 Reviews: I have been playing in orchestras for over 10 years, and this is one of the best French Horns I have had, short of spending 8-10k. I tried several other players horns, Cons, other Farkas Models, Yamahas, and this is a great one. Why? The rose brass bell gives you a mellow, yet brassy sound that isnt too bright. Its ... Read more »

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Get The best price H378S HOLTON FRENCH HORN. ? Same parts as H-178? Some braces, pull rings and medallion removed.? F auxiliary slide is not detachable.? Valve caps plated and not HOLTON H378S jeweled.? Professional Farkas at a cost effective price. ... Learn more »

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